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AP Statistics Tests

1997-8 Tests

NOTE: These tests follow the first editions of Workshop Statistics and the Basic Practice of Statistics. As a result, the Topic numbers are not always the same as our present books.

Test 1 - Workshop Statistics Unit 1: Topics 1-5. Exploring Data: Distributions, Center, Spread
Test 1 with Answers

Test 2 - Workshop Statistics Unit 2: Topics 6-10. Exploring Data: Relationships, Correlations, Regression, Categorical Variables.
Test 2 with Answers

Test 3 - Workshop Statistics Unit 3: Topics 11-15 , BPS 3.1 & 3.2. Randomness, Sampling Distribution, Confidence, Significance, CLT
Test 3 with Answers

Test 4 - Basic Practice of Statistics (BPS) Chapter 4. Sampling Distributions and Probability, Probability Distributions, Sample Proportions, Binomial Distributions, Sample Means, Control Charts
Test 4 with Answers

Term 1 Examination - Workshop Statistics Units 1-4: Topic 1-19 Plus related topics in BPS plus BPS additional topics (including control charts, power of a test, large sample tests for means and confidence intervals, experimental design.

Test 6 - Workshop Statistics Activities 21-25, BPS Chapter 6.1, 6.2, 7.2
Test 6 with Answers

Allan Rossman's Sample Examinations

Allan Rossman's Workshop Statistics Resources main page which has a link to his sample examinations.

Brian Schott's Data Base of Questions

Brian Schott's enormous data base of multiple choice and True/False questions and answers:

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